Departments with accreditated methods in the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences

1.HIFS Department of DactyloscopyNAH-1-1658/2017
2.HIFS Department of CriminalisticsNAH-1-1686/2017
3.HIFS Department of Physics and ChemistryNAH-1-1821/2018
4.HIFS Department of GeneticsNAH-1-1826/2017
5.HIFS Drug Investigation DepartmentNAH-1-1688/2018
6.HIFS Department of Blood Alcohol and Forensic Arson InvestigationNAH-1-1824/2017
7.HIFS Section for Polygraph ExaminationNAH-1-1785/2016
8.HIFS Regional Institute GyőrNAH-1-1745/2018
9.HIFS Regional Institute SzolnokNAH-1-1761/2019
10.HIFS Regional Institute VeszprémNAH-1-1734/2018

Currently 119 field of expertise of our forensic laboratories have been accreditated under General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

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