The ENFSI is European Network of Forensic Science Institutes, has 68 members in 36 countries.

The aim of the association is to ensure that the quality of development and delivery of forensic science throughout Europe is at the forefront of the world. The purpose of ENFSI is to share knowledge, exchange experiences and come to mutual agreements in the field of forensic science.

The ENFSI working groups were established in the various areas of forensic science, and the experts of the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences are active members of almost every ENFSI Working Groups.

The Board of ENFSI (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) held two day board meeting at HIFS (Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences) in Budapest from 24th to 25th of January. The Board discussed about ENFSI organizational management issues and negotiated with HIFS representatives about preparations of ENFSI Annual Meeting will be held in Budapest this year. The delegation met with lieutenant general Mr. Károly Papp head of Hungarian Police Headquarters on the first day, who appreciated the cooperation between Hungarian Forensic Institute and Hungarian Police force in his welcome speech. Chairman of ENFSI Mr. Erkki Sippola said this cooperation exemplary in Europe in his answer. After discussion participants confirmed their intension that Annual Meeting 2018 is a high priority event for both ENFSI and Hungarian Police Force as well. The delegation discussed with CEPOL representatives in the afternoon and visited the venue of Annual Meeting. After the Board meeting on Thursday chairman expressed his satisfaction about current state of play concerning Annual Meeting arrangements. 


Our memberships are the following:

Department of Dactyloscopy

European Fingerprint Working Group

Department of Genetics

DNA Working Group

Drug Investigation Department

Drugs Working Group

  • provides Proficiency Test for ENFSI laboratories (identification and quantitation of illicit drugs and new psychoactive substances)
  • co-authors of ENFSI DWG Guidelines on Sampling of Illicit Drugs for Quantitative Analysis
  • coordination of IR spectral library for illicit drugs and new psychoactive substances (ENFSI DWG, RESPONSE)

Department of Forensic Toxicology  -

Department of Physics and Chemistry

Animal, Plant and Soil Traces Working Group
European Document Experts Working Group
European Paint & Glass Working Group
European Textile and Hair Group
EWG Firearms/GSR

Department of Criminalistics

Expert Working Group Firearms/GSR
European Network of Forensic Handwriting Experts
European Document Experts Working Group
Marks Working Group

Department of Blood Alcohol and Forensic Arson Investigation

Fire and Explosion Investigation Group

Department of Forensic Medicine -

Department of Forensic Engineering

Speech and Voice Recognition Working Group

Department of Forensic Tax and Auditing -

Section for Polygraph Examination -

Section for Facial Recognition Analysis -

Crime Scene Investigation Methodology and Coordination Group

Scene of Crime Working Group

The website of the ENFSI: