Departments with accreditated methods in the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences

1.HIFS Department of DactyloscopyNAH-1-1658/2017
2.HIFS Department of CriminalisticsNAH-1-1686/2017
3.HIFS Department of Physics and ChemistryNAH-1-1821/2018
4.HIFS Department of GeneticsNAH-1-1826/2017
5.HIFS Drug Investigation DepartmentNAH-1-1688/2018
6.HIFS Department of Blood Alcohol and Forensic Arson InvestigationNAH-1-1824/2017
7.HIFS Department of Forensic ToxicologyNAH-1-1873/2020
8.HIFS Section for Polygraph ExaminationNAH-1-1785/2021
9.HIFS Regional Institute GyőrNAH-1-1745/2018
10.HIFS Regional Institute SzolnokNAH-1-1761/2019

Currently 128 field of expertise of our forensic laboratories have been accreditated under General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

Read more about the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority:

Department with ISO 9001 certification in the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences

1.HIFS Face Recognition Analysis DepartmentISO 9001 certification

Face Recognition Analysis Department has introduced and applied Quality Management System which satisfies the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.