Mark Examination

Mark identification is a forensic science discipline where the general task is to determine and identify objects as the source of marks on crime scenes. Beyond this task the forensic mark experts take part in solution of theoretical problems like reconstruction of events.
There are certain objects that can leave unique impressions, 2D and 3D marks, or striated tool marks. This includes a piece of shoeprint, vehicle tire print, toolmarks on different surfaces e.g. clothing, vehicles, mechanical locks and other devices of property protection.
The general aim is to raise the level of expertise of marks examiners and to apply best quality assurance practices in our field.


Handwriting and Document Examination

Handwriting and document experts primarily give expert opinion in criminal cases, and can also be appointed in civil actions, administrative, notary and mediatory processes. Usually there is a need of an expert in the investigation in cases of forgery of private and official documents, defrauding, black-mailing, and manslaughter.

The basic job a of forensic document experts is to determine if the questioned document is authentic, counterfeit or partially altered, falsified. We examine the features of the materials used for the document, characteristics of the applied production technology and the document security elements.
The classic job of a forensic handwriting expert is to identify the author of the unknown or questioned handwritings. The essence of the expert method is to explore the uniqueness of the examined writings throughout the characteristics of the writings, i.e. to compare and value them.
The professional statements depend on the quantity and quality of the available questioned and specimen handwritings.
Firearm Examination

The experts of the laboratory examine different kinds of firearms and ammunition, identify the special toolmarks left behind by some of the components of firearms on projectiles and cartridge cases, and the changes caused by a shot on different object and materials.
To perform our study we use special microscopes, ballistic chronograph and special equipment.


Head of the Department of Criminalistics

István Kiss forensic firearms expert

International relations

  •  MWG  - we are active members of the Expert Working Group Marks of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) >>visit website
  •  EWG FA/GSR  - we actively participate in the Expert Working Group Firearms/GSR of ENFSI >>visit website
  •  ENFHEX  - we are members of the Handwriting Expert Working Group of ENFSI >>visit website
  •  EDEWG  - we actively participate in the Document Experts Working Group of ENFSI >>visit website

Contacts for international relations

  • Marks: Dr Imre Elek
  • Handwriting and Document: Ildikó Sajgó
  • Firearm: Balázs Auer