Forensic medicine

The Department of Forensic Medicine (Budapest Institute of Medical Sciences at the time) was founded in 1964. 

The department produces expert reports in the field of forensic medicine and -pathology,  in accordance with national laws, at the request of several authorities, utilizing the most recent scientific and technological advances while also abiding to requirements of neutrality and impartiality.
A major duty of the Department is to provide on-call forensic medical experts for death scene investigations of  investigating authorities, as well as performing autopsies in non-natural death cases. Furthermore, our laboratory performs the histological investigations of these autopsy cases.

The medical professionals of the department are qualified as specialists in following fields: forensic medicine and pathology, insurance medicine, clinical pathology, internal medicine, neurology, occupational medicine, furthermore in forensic psychiatry, clinical psychiatry and addictology; while our psychologists possess qualifications in adult and child clinical psychology, mental hygene, neuropsychology and psychotherapy.
Our forensic specialists are supported by a team of  well-prepared external medical experts  and collaborators,  such as surgeons, traumatologists, obstetrician-gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, internists, cardiologists, gastro-enterologists, paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, radiologists and dentists etc.

Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine

Dr Antal Kricskovics forensic medical expert

Contact for international relations

  • Dr Antal Kricskovics