Physics and chemistry

In the Department of Physics and Chemistry forensic physicists, chemists, biologists, and geologists  investigate a wide range of organic and inorganic material residues with non-human origin  and human/animal hairs.

Furthermore, physicists answer questions connected to  theoretical problems  also such as case reconstructions (way of human body’s falling). Chemists are involved in building of national databases and  spectrum libraries  (dyes, fibres, paints etc.) as well.


Our well trained and experienced forensic scientists analyze the scientific evidences on special analytical instruments, for example SEM-EDS, Micro-XRF analyzer, FTIR and Raman microscopes and ICP-MS.

Our units are: Laboratory of Forensic Geology and Botany, Laboratory of Microtraces, Laboratory of Forensic Physics and Inorganic Analysis.

Quality assured activities (forensic examinations of pieces of evidence listed below)

  • paints
  • fibres and textiles
  • human and animal hairs
  • glasses
  • metals
  • gunshot residues (GSR) 
  • minerals


Head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry

 Zsolt Szoldán 
forensic chemist and geologist

International relations

  •  EPG  - we participate in the work of European Paint & Glass Working Group of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) >>visit website
  •  ENFSI APST   - we are members of ENFSI Animal, Plant and Soil Traces Working Group >>visit website
  •  EWG FA/GSR – we actively participate in the Expert Working Group Firearms/GSR of ENFSI >>visit website
  •  ETHG  - we are members of the European Textile and Hair Group of ENFSI >>visit website
  •  EDEWG  - we actively participate in the Document Experts Working Group of ENFSI >>visit website

Contact for international relations

Zsolt Szoldán